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Common Services Provided By Electrical Installation Companies

Whether you are building a new house or you are performing upgrades on an existing property, you will need the services of an electrical installation company. These professionals can offer you a number of services that can add value to your home and bring all your lighting and fixtures up to code. Here are some of the things they can do for you.

Camera/Intercom System -- If you want to enhance the security at your home, an electrical installation company can set up a camera and intercom system. This type of system allows you to see who is at your gate or your front door through the use of a remote camera. If you don't know the visitor, you can use the intercom to initiate a conversation to assuage any doubts you may have. In some camera and intercom systems, you can hit a button to open a gate that leads to your front door. Electricians wire the intercom system to your phone, so when visitors arrive, they press a button that rings your phone.

Circuit Breaker Installation -- You can also hire an electrical installation company to set up circuit breakers in your home, or to upgrade your existing circuit breakers. As the name suggests, circuit breakers are a panel of switches that are tied directly to the electrical current flowing through different parts of your house. Each breaker controls one area of your house, for example, your kitchen breakers are on a separate switch from your bathroom breakers. Circuit breakers are designed to shut off your electrical current in the event of a power surge or blackout, which prevents your wiring from burning out and causing you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Switch/Outlet Installation -- Whether you're moving into a new home, or you want to upgrade your existing home, you can have an electrical installation company install new switches and outlets. The advantage of doing this type of work in a new construction is that you can direct the electrician as to exactly where you want the outlets placed, so that they are more convenient for you when you move in your TV, speakers, appliances and other electrical components.

Switch and outlet installation is a process in which an electrician places wires inside your walls and ensures that the wiring complies with local electrical codes. If you have existing outlets or switches that are outdated, an electrician will install up-to-date wiring that can enhance the current and provide you with brighter lights and appliances that operate more efficiently. Just contact your local residential electrical installation company. 

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