Learning from Worldwide Lighting Strategies

Tips on Preparing for an Appliance Repair Service Visit

Whenever one of your electric appliances breaks down, and you can't fix it, your next option is to contact an electrical appliance repair technician. Once you book an appointment, you'll need to start preparing for the service visit so that everything goes smoothly on the set date. You want the appliance to be repaired as soon as possible, so why not offer the needed assistance? Here is how you can prepare for the repair visit. Read More 

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Learning from Worldwide Lighting Strategies

Hi, my name is Kat. When I was a kid, I always followed around my dad as he worked on electrical projects, and I became very interested in it. When I went backpacking during a gap year, I noticed that people all over the world have different ways of harnessing and using light. I decided to integrate those ideas into my own conception of electricity. Now, I help my friends design their lighting for their new homes and I do a bit of consulting. However, I also love to write so I started this blog. Please, explore and enjoy reading! Welcome to my space of the internet!