Learning from Worldwide Lighting Strategies

4 Fire Prevention Tips for the Workplace

When you go about your business on a daily basis, you assume your workplace is safe and protected. However, there might be some lingering fire risks that you aren't aware of. It is important that you and your employees are fully aware of these risks and work to prevent potential fire hazards. Be Careful About Electrical Hazards Your electrical system might be the cause of your biggest fire risks. Start by checking on all electrical cords being used with appliances and machinery in your offices, warehouse, and other areas of the workplace. Read More 

Fed Up Of Your Small Living Room? 3 Transformational Electrical Upgrades To Save Space

Your living room is usually the first place you entertain guests. You probably also use it to display some of your most valuable possessions like paintings and sculptures. With the rising cost of real estate in the country, homes have become more expensive, while space has drastically reduced. Managing your space intelligently is not just about making changes to your d├ęcor. You can also make upgrades to your electrical lights to help you maximise your existing living room space. Read More 

Avoiding an electrical fire at your industrial workplace

Electrical fires are a common source of distress for many companies in industries that demand electrical equipment in order to perform their work. Electrical fires are always a cause for concern in all environments, but in these industries they are even worse as this also includes an area with dangerous equipment and substances that could be deadly if they caught on fire. Even if the fire is small and put out immediately, you'll still need to contact a specialist electrician to get the problem sorted. Read More 

Considerations When Contemplating Heat Pumps

If you are looking for an alternative air conditioning system, you may want to consider the installation of Mitsibishi heat pumps in your home. These heat pumps help homeowners cut down on the use of natural gas as an energy source for heating and cooling. However, it is not advisable to simply go out and purchase the first heat pump that you come across. There are varieties of options that you can choose from depending your residence's specific needs. Read More 

The Basics of Structured Data Cabling

To many people, the intricacies of data cabling requirements, techniques and regulations are unknown. Most clients seeking data cabling services simply look out for the cost of the installation and maybe a general outlay of performance and capabilities. In Australia, data cabling used to be one of the over-regulated, law-ridden and confusing undertakings. Fortunately, several repeals leading up to 2014 have introduced an easier environment especially for new businesses as well as homes. Read More 

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Learning from Worldwide Lighting Strategies

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