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Reasons Your Home’s Lights May Be Flickering

One of the most common electrical problems is flickering lights and burnt out bulbs. As such, most homeowners tend to brush this off as faulty bulbs and simply replace the offending lights. This may be a short-term solution, but if you find your lights keep flickering, then you could have a serious underlying problem with your home's electrical system. This is why it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the other reasons why your lights could be flickering to know the importance of calling in an electrician. Read More 

Electrical Contractors | 4 Landlord Responsibilities For Ensuring Electrical Safety In A Rental

Landlords are required to ensure that rental accommodation is well maintained, especially when it comes to electrical safety. Failure to meet these requirements can cause serious injury, property damage and even liability. If you are planning to rent out your home, you'll ideally want to do everything in your power to ensure minimal risks to avoid overspending for any offences later. This guide offers you insights into landlord responsibilities for ensuring electrical safety in a rental. Read More 

Situations That Call for an Emergency Electrician

Some electrical problems in your home can wait until you can call an electrician at your leisure; a light that isn't working or a consistent slowdown of power can often be checked when it's most convenient, and don't usually indicate an emergency. However, some problems in the home should be checked as soon as possible and not ignored for any length of time. Note when you want to call for an emergency electrician to your home and why this can be so important for your safety. Read More 

Common Electrical Dangers in Many Production or Warehouse Facilities

A production or warehouse facility usually requires more electrical power than just an office, as a production facility needs to run its equipment and the production line itself to manufacture goods, and a warehouse may have electrical conveyers and other such pieces that require quite a bit of electricity. Both facilities may also have electric forklifts and heavy-duty equipment that requires plugging in to recharge. Because of these increased demands for electricity, warehouses and production facilities may also have special electrical dangers. Read More 

5 Common Household Electrical Problems Solved

Loose wiring? Dusty power sockets? Here's why an electrician can solve your household electrical dilemma and how you can prevent problems in the future.  1. Overloaded circuits The problem: Overloaded circuits occur when too many devices are plugged into an outlet at one time, placing too much pressure on the circuit and shortening fuses.  Why you need an electrician: An emergency electrician can adjust wiring so that power is correctly distributed around multiple circuits. Read More 

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Learning from Worldwide Lighting Strategies

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