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Why You Should Switch to LED Lights For Your Art Studio

If you're an artist yourself, you know how important lighting is to art. Good lighting is essential when getting colours, textures, and fine details right. In a dimly lit room, it's far harder to see mistakes. Plus, lighting can contribute to inspiration and creative focus.

Art studio owners who are lucky enough to have wide windows have most of their needs covered with natural sunlight. But what if your studio is situated in a dense city, a small-windowed high-rise, or another area where natural light is sparse? And what happens when you want to hold art classes or exhibitions at night?

If you know your art studio needs a lighting upgrade, there's no better commercial lighting choice than LEDs. Here are two of the key reasons why.

1. You can control the temperature

The colour temperature of light is measured on a scale of degrees known as Kelvin. This scale goes from cool to warm, with cool blue being on one end and warm orange light on the other.

Since the colour of your lighting can affect how the art looks, you'll likely want to opt for a neutral temperature close to natural light. However, most traditional incandescent bulbs sit far lower on the scale. This creates a yellow light source that can mess with the colours of a painting or drawing.

The great thing about LEDs is that they come in a vast spectrum of lighting temperatures. You'll have no trouble finding neutral LED bulbs, and many offer the ability to omit different hues, allowing you to tailor the colour temperature to the time of day and amount of natural light in the room.

2. There are so many different types

One of the difficulties of lighting an art studio lies in where art is created. Sometimes, the learners in your art studio may be sitting at desks to create drawings, with their paper or canvas on a flat surface. At other times, they may be standing at easels dotted around the room.

This makes lighting a challenge, as top-down lights that work great for table work may cast unpleasant shadows on easels. Easels facing in one direction may benefit from an adjacent wall lamp, while those facing the opposite way may end up in complete darkness.

LED lamps come in a huge variety of types, from panels to standing lights to spotlights. Switching to LEDs will allow you to light your studio effectively in all sorts of ways, turning lamps on and off to tailor the lighting to the task at hand.

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