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Red Flags Signaling the Need to Hire an Electrician for Generator Replacement

Most homeowners can agree that electricity is critical for the running of their households. But while power supply tends to be consistent in urban areas, the same is not the case for their rural counterparts.  As such, if you reside in a rural area, you are likely familiar with the inconvenience of experiencing recurring power outages. To mitigate this problem, you may have invested in a generator to ensure that even when the power goes out, you do not have to worry about appliances turning off.

Nonetheless, while generators are durable, they are not indestructible. With time, your generator may succumb to damage that will impede its operation. It is your responsibility to identify the signs of disrepair so that you can have this equipment replaced in good time. Below are a few of the signs that you need to hire an electrician for generator repair o replacement.

The generator is not producing sufficient power

One of the leading signs of a defective generator is discrepancies with the production of electrical power. Admittedly, if the generator's capacity does not match your household's needs, you will immediately notice that it is unable to power the various appliances in your home. However, if this has never been a problem that you have faced, you need to hire an electrician as soon as possible so that they can remedy this issue. One of the first signs that that indicate a failing generator is flickering lights in your home. Secondly, you may also notice that each time you turn on the generator, the voltage in your home dips. Usually, an electrician will recommend the replacement of the generator.

The generator is sputtering

The second sign to be suspicious of that would indicate the need for generator replacement is sudden sputtering whenever you turn on the generator. Typically, when a generator is functioning at optimum, it will kick into action the moment that your house experiences a power blackout. The moment you notice that the generator is sputtering when the power goes off, or it is taking longer than usual to start working, it is advisable to call an electrician. In some scenarios, it could mean that the generator is low on fuel, so the electrician will simply top it up. On the other hand, if you have noticed that this is a recurring issue, it could suggest that the generator is no longer functional. It is important to have an electrician replace your generator as soon as possible.  

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