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Home Security Systems

A security system involves securing a place through a network of devices that coordinate with one another. These devices either discourage intruders from carrying on with their plans or, if they go along with it, raise the alarm and alert the homeowners and the alarm monitoring company. Security systems are mainly installed to secure entry points like windows, doors and rooms or locations with valuables. Home security system works in the same principle as other systems, except in this case the home's security is the focus.

Basic Parts for Home Security System

Control Panel

This is the nerve centre or the brain of the security system. It is where all information is recorded, analyzed and reacted on. The control panel is mostly a computer that communicates with the other installed devices. In case there is an intrusion alert from any of the on-site devices, the control panel raises the alarm. The computer should have a large memory capacity to be able to record the camera footages.

Surveillance Camera

Wired or wireless, the camera is placed to monitor the activities of a particular area, which are captured and communicated to the control panel. Cameras are mostly situated at the exits or entry points. You should always make sure the camera is not obstructed and is accurately looking down at the targeted area. Also, some cameras cannot stand the rain or high humidity, so check the features before buying. Modern technology has made it possible to access the camera recordings remotely on your smartphone, even when you are away from home. You can then see what the house help is doing with your kids.


The sensors work best when placed on vulnerable doors and windows. The sensors are in two parts facing each to create a complete circuit when the door or window is shut. If the door or window is opened, the sensors interpret this as a security breach; the circuit is broken and the sensors relay information to the control room to the effect that there is an intrusion. The control system, in turn, sends information to the alarm.

The Alarms

The alarms are the ultimate whistleblowers. Once they receive reliable information that there is an intrusion within the security breach, the high-decibel alarms will sound with a voice sharp enough to wake you from a deep sleep, confuse the intruder and alert the neighbours and the alarm monitoring company.


Before you go ahead with your security system installation plans, decide which areas of your home are most vulnerable. It is difficult and costly to monitor every nook and corner of your home. You have to give priority to areas like windows facing the streets, backdoors and stores.

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