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Avoiding an electrical fire at your industrial workplace

Electrical fires are a common source of distress for many companies in industries that demand electrical equipment in order to perform their work. Electrical fires are always a cause for concern in all environments, but in these industries they are even worse as this also includes an area with dangerous equipment and substances that could be deadly if they caught on fire. Even if the fire is small and put out immediately, you'll still need to contact a specialist electrician to get the problem sorted. Preventing electrical fires is something you can do to save time, money, and distress.

Overloading equipment

One of the most common reasons for electrical fires in industrial environments is overloads. In times of stress because of a deadline or production demands, it might seem like a good idea to run the equipment just a little bit harder than they are really made for. This might create excessive heat in the appliance and cause insulation and cables to catch on fire. If you're running the device harder than normal, be aware of any strange noises or smells that it might give away. This is an indication that it's working too hard and should be allowed a moment of rest before operating on normal speed again. You should also have an electrician take a look at the sockets and electrical system in your building to make sure you're not overloading the entire system with too many devices.

Dangerous extension cords

Try to avoid using extension cords as much as possible. Extension cords use more energy than if you plug the device directly into the socket which might cause the system to overload. You should also be wary of where you place your extension cords if you use them. Avoid placing them by doorways or where vehicles pass often. Frayed or malfunctioning cords are a very common cause for fires, and driving over them with heavy vehicles or even just walking over them often can cause them to become weakened.

Keep things away from electrical devices

Keeping flammable liquids away from all electrical equipment is a really simple way to prevent electrical fires. You should also be wary about keeping any flammable items around your electrical equipment. Piles of sawdust, paper, or even solid wood can highly increase the risk of a fire. One way to keep flammable things away from the electrical device is to install a fire proof screen that is removable, but keeps dust and rubbish away from the electrical device. Discuss this option with your specialist electrician, as they will know what solution works best in your industry.

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