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How Urgent Is the Problem? 3 Instances When You Need to Call an Emergency Electrician

There are some electrical problems that don't really seem to be urgent. Then there are some electrical problems that can be far more pressing, and if these problems were to occur, you would hope that they happen during daylight hours. Having said that, there are some instances where you don't care what time of night or day it might be, you just need the problem fixed now. So what are some instances when you should call a 24/7 emergency electrician?

Your Central Heating

While foreigners might see Australia as a place with only two seasons (hot and really hot), you know that this is not the case. It can become extremely frosty in the southern states during the winter months, and if your heating should stop working, your house can turn into a freezer rather quickly. This can be particularly concerning if you have young children or elderly family members at home. When your central heating stops working, it's usually due to a minor issue such as a broken or loose connector wire, which can be quickly repaired by an emergency electrician.

Tip: It might sound obvious, but check whether your central heating is electric or gas powered. You would hate to have to pay an electrician's call-out fee, only to be told that they don't work with gas.

Your Electrical Outlets

Your wall-mounted electrical outlets don't last forever. They are almost constantly having plugs inserted and pulled out, and despite your best efforts, this might not always be a gentle process. Over time, these outlets can detach slightly from the wall, only being held in place by the wires that supply their electricity.

These loose outlets can be a potential hazard, and will need to be repaired. If you notice sparks just inside the wall, you should call an emergency electrician immediately. The wires inside might have become frayed, and can lead to electrocution or electric fire, even if the outlet is not in use.

Tip: If a loose electrical outlet also smells of smoke, you should contact your local fire department. The wires might be smouldering, which can cause an electrical fire inside your walls.

Power Outage

You really cannot live without electricity for too long. If your power goes out, then you need to go to the window. Is your entire neighbourhood blacked out, or is it just your home? If it's your neighbourhood, all you can do is wait until power is restored.If it's just your home, then check your circuit breaker and reset if necessary.

 If the power once again goes out, it's probably due to a localised overload. Do you have too many electrical devices in operation? Disconnect a few electrical devices and reset the circuit breaker once more. If the power supply still disconnects, then the issue with your wiring will need to be isolated and repaired. An emergency electrician can be of great assistance if you're unable to wait until the morning.

Tip: Faulty appliances can also trip a circuit breaker, due to the fact that their voltage can easily fluctuate. If any of your appliances are behaving strangely (turning themselves off or heating up more than normal), they will need to be repaired or replaced before they cause your power to go out.

There are some instances where you can easily wait for electrical repairs, and then there are the times when it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. It's important not to delay when the situation is potentially dangerous. Get in touch with electricians like Power Assist Electrical Services to learn more.

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