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Don't Overlook These 3 Signs That You Need to Call an Electrical Contractor!

It's never good to wait until the power goes out at your home or commercial building or until there is an electrical fire before you call an electrical contractor. Very often there are signs that an electrician is needed even though the power may still be working in your home or other building, but overlooking these signs can lead to extensive repair jobs being needed down the road, or to the increase of an electrical fire. Note a few signs that you may need to call a contractor and why it can be so important.

1. You hear hissing sounds or something burning

Electricity itself has no odor and no sound, so if you hear anything when you flip on a switch or turn on an appliance, or notice an odd smell as the electricity is being used, this can be a bare or frayed wire. When wires are bare, the electricity may come into contact with building materials such as insulation or drywall and cause singeing or burning. You may hear a hissing sound or crackling sound as it does, or may smell the singeing. If ignored, this can lead to more frayed wires and even an electrical fire, so be sure you have this checked as soon as possible.

2. Your home suffers frequent brownouts

A brownout is when electrical devices slow down but don't actually stop working. You may notice that if you have the TV going and plug in a space heater, either one may struggle to work. This typically means that your home's wiring cannot handle these demands of electricity. They may get overloaded and this too can lead to bare wires and an electrical fire. An electrical contractor can upgrade your wiring or rewire circuits so that you no longer experience brownouts.

3. One circuit keeps tripping

When a circuit trips or shuts off, this means there was an excess amount of electricity flowing along that circuit. It shuts off to protect your home's wiring from being overloaded and causing an electrical fire. If this happens continuously with one circuit, you need to have it rewired so that it can handle the electricity that runs along that circuit. While the occasional tripped circuit is to be expected, having one that trips constantly should get the attention of electrical contractors near you, so that they can update your home's wiring and upgrade any features as needed.


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