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4 Most Common Mistakes Made by DIY Electricians

One of the main benefits of purchasing a home, for many people, is the fact that you can carry out repairs, upgrades and renovations yourself; this is especially true of people who love to do DIY work. It can be extremely satisfying to plan, prepare and carry out any work needed by yourself, saving you money. But there are many common mistakes that are made by people doing DIY work; this article explores some of these mistakes, so you can avoid them if undertaking DIY work.

Not Getting Permits

Permits may seem like a bit of a bother, but they are actually there for a reason. While permits do raise money for the government, they are also there to help you protect yourself. Permits are simply a way to ensure that any work you do is done correctly, and that it can be carried out with the minimum of risk to your health. All professional electrical companies will apply for the correct permits for any work they do, so follow their lead.

Not Prepared with the Right Tools

If you are planning an electrical DIY job, make sure that you have the correct tools available. Nothing slows down a DIY project more than not having the right equipment. Additionally, when purchasing a new piece of kit, avoid the bargain bin section of hardware stores. They are a false economy, and your money (and time) will be spent better by investing in quality tools. Before embarking on a DIY project, take the time to actually research the kinds of tools needed for the job you intend to do.

Lack of Job Site Security

Many DIY enthusiasts fall into this trap of not properly preparing their work site. If you are having materials delivered, ensure that you have adequate space to not only store it, but store it securely. New materials are tempting for burglars and intruders, so have a safe place to store them. Prepare your site in such a manner so it allows you to do this. Do not leave newly delivered materials at the front of your house, or on the driveway; it is an invitation to thieves.

Personal Protection Equipment

Many people end up in hospital doing an electrical DIY job because they failed to properly protect themselves. Make a checklist of personal safety equipment, and when working with electric powered tools, remember to wear tight clothing. Always remain focused on the job, as one small slip when operating these tools can have serious consequences.

The key to a successful electrical DIY job is mostly preparation; knowing what to do, what tools to use, and how to protect yourself is critical. For more insights or assistance, use resources like to connect with professional electricians.

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