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Tired of High Energy Bills? Five Ways an Electrician Can Help

Tired of high energy bills? If so, an electrician may be able to help you determine how to make your home more efficient, and they can also help you with certain electrical upgrades. If you want a more energy efficient house, here are several ways an electrician can help:

Home Energy Audit

If you want to become more energy efficient but aren't sure where to start, call an electrician and ask for help doing a home energy audit. Electricians can walk through your home and see where you are losing hot and cool air through cracks, and they can help you decide which areas to address first.  

In addition to giving you advice on sealing up your house, electricians can help you decide which appliances are not running efficiently and thus running up your electricity bill. Using a handheld electricity usage monitor, they can help you see if your dryer, your AC or some other appliance is using too much power.

Replacement and Repair of Old Wiring

Old wiring can make a home into a fire hazard, and in most cases, old wires also conduct electricity less efficiently than up-to-date wires. An electrician can look over your wires and see where you need updates for both safety and efficiency.

Installation of New More Efficient Outlets

In some cases, these professionals can also give you new outlets as well. Depending on your energy needs, you can get surge protectors built into your outlets, or you can get smart outlets – outlets connected to an app on your phone so you can disable them remotely if you leave something running.

In addition to getting more efficient outlets, you can get outlets with the USB port built right into them – that may not lower your energy bill but it will reduce the amount of time you have to spend searching for your USB plug, making your life more efficient.

Solar Panel Installation

Once you have dealt with the electrics in your home, you may want to start drawing energy from a renewable source like sunlight. Solar panels on your roof can help you achieve this, but you need a specialised electrician to help you install them.

Small Wind Turbine Electric System

Instead of going solar, in some cases, an electrician can help you tap into the power of the wind. There are small wind turbines or windmills that can be installed next to your home and connected to your electrics.

In some cases, you may be able to install one of these systems yourself, but if you aren't sure of the difference between alternating current and direct current, you may want to call a professional electrician such as A.J. Palmer Electrical.


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